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This page is very out of date. Most of my DVDs have been digitized and live in tubs in the garage. I now have a blu ray collection that is similarly ludicrous in nature. I'll leave this page here for now for nostalgia purposes. The remaining links are currently working and I do still visit a couple of them regularly. Maybe someday I'll update this to a home video page. For now I will just leave it as is.

April 2004 (New House)
April 2004 (New House)
April 2002 (old House)
April 2002 (Old House)

My current DVD List (in PDF format)
Last Updated - Jan 10, 2012

Favorite DVD Links
DVD Price Search - Find the lowest online price, bargains, and release dates
DVD Talk - Forums, Reviews, Release Dates, etc.
Criterion - A company that has put out a small collection of mostly Foreign, Classic, & Obscure films
DVD Review - The best site for DVD Easter Eggs (Hidden features)
DVD Journal - Reviews, Rumours, Release Dates, etc.

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