Top 10 (Ten) Jodie Foster Movies

Top Ten Jodie Foster Movies

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Andrew's Picks

01) Silence of the Lambs
02) Taxi Driver
03) The Accused
04) Contact
05) The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
06) Panic Room
07) Nell
08) The Brave One
09) Maverick
10) Anna and the King

Other Good Movies
Candleshoe, Carnage, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Flightplan, Freaky Friday, Hotel Artemis, Inside Man, Little Man Tate, Sommersby, Stealing Home

Decent Movies
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, The Beaver, Bugsy Malone, Carny, Echos of Summer, Elysium, Five Corners, Foxes, The Hotel New Hampsire, Nim's Island, Napoleon and Samantha, One Little Indian, Shadows and Fog, Tom Sawyer

Least Favorites
Backtrack/Catchfire, Kansas City Bomber, Mesmerized, O'Hara's Wife, Siesta

Everest: The Death Zone

Jodie Foster Movies I Haven't Seen
Beach House, The Blood of Others, Smile Jenny You're Dead (TV), Stop Calling Me Baby!, Svengali (TV), A Very Long Engagement

TV Show Episodes I've seen
Adam-12, Frasier, Kung Fu, The Partridge Family

Rex's Picks

01) The Brave One
02) Inside Man
03) Maverick
04) Elysium
05) Taxi Driver
06) The Accused
07) Panic Room
08) The Silence of the Lambs
09) Flightplan
10) The Beaver

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